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WSSP21 Published DNA Sequences

Below is a table of the sequences of clones from the WSSP Landoltia punctata cDNA Library that students from WSSP-21 Virtual Summer Institute or 2021-2022 Academic Year have been published on the NCBI sequence databases. To connect to the published report page of your clone, go to the NCBI Nucelotide Database Search page, and paste in the name of the clone.  The links will either be to the Nucleotide, EST, or Protein databases.   Connect here for the Parental Release Form to allow the sequence to be posted on NCBI. Note that your data is published on the NCBI EST database.  The "Unpublished" at the bottom of your clone report indicates that the data is not part of a research paper that has been published in a science journal.  

To cite these sequences in resumes and college applications, we suggest you use the following format:
01AMR2.12 WSSP Duckweed cDNA library Landoltia punctata cDNA clone, similar to thioredoxin F-type 1, mRNA sequence. Martinez,A., Levin,H., Mead,J., NCBI, May 24, 2013.  Accession# JZ356973

School Clones
Alea HS, HI (134)  
Columbia HS, (117)

117BH1.21, 117ST1.21, 112JM11.19, 117CT10.18, 117AV1.21

Dougherty Valley HS, CA (65)

 65AKa1.18, 66DS1.18, 65EW1.21, 65FdC1.21, 65KP1.21, 65MK1.21, 65NM1.21, 

East Brunswick High School, NJ (04)

04AA2.19,04AM9.18, 04AG1.19, 04AL1.19, 04AA2.19, 04AM9.18, 04AT1.21, 04AW2.19, 04IC2.21, 04AR2.19, 04SS4.21, 04DC2.17, 04HM2.19, 

Elmwood Park Memorial HS, NJ (104)

104AC2.19, 109KS2.19, 104AC1.19, 109AT5.19,  104MN1.18104AL1.21104GT2.21104ZC2.21104OS1.21

Fair Lawn High School, NJ (47)

 47AT1.21, 47EM1.21, 47ES1.21, 47IO1.21, 47MI1.21, 47PW1.21, 47RA1.21, 47SG1.21, 

Granada HS, CA (90)

 90iJL3.19, 90iJL5.19, 90iJL6.19, 109AT7.19, 90DH4.19, 90DH5.19, 90DH6.19, 90JL1.18,  66AKS2.18, 66AL4.18, 90AE1.21, 90AE2.21, 90AW1.21, 90AW2.21, 90KS1.21, 90KS2.21, 90NL1.21, 90NL2.21, 90SJ1.21, 90TK1.21, 90TK2.21, 90ZJ2.21, 132ZB1.19

​Hackettstown High School, NJ (38)


Hamburg Area High School, PA (116)

116LR1.21, 116EK1.19, 116JH1.19

Hillsborough High School, NJ  (06)

06AJJ1.18, 06RA5.18, 06RA7.18, 06RA9.18, 06AHW1.21, 06ANA1.21, 06CEG1.21, 06CRK1.21, 06DKW1.21, 06DMN1.21, 06DNM1.21, 06EEZ1.21, 06ERG1.21, 06HAA1.21, 06HKP1.21, 06HPS1.21, 06JJP1.21, 06JKD1.21, 06JQW1.21, 06KKM1.21, 06KMB1.21, 06KMC1.21, 06LCC1.21, 06LJK1.21, 06MIC1.21, 06NJH1.21, 06RSA1.21, 06RXS1.21, 06RRR1.21, 06SAK1.21, 06SKR1.21, 06SLS1.21, 06SML1.21, 06SPM1.21, 06SRF1.21, 06SSB1.21, 06SSP1.21, 06SSS1.21, 06THC1.21, 06WAN1.21, 06AGH1.21 07BK5.19 , 07BK8.19 , 07BK9.19 , 07DA02.19, 07GD7.17  ,   , 07KL02.17, 07LB02.19, 104NV7.18, 104NV8.18, 104SA1.18, 104VC1.19, 104VC11.19, , 104VC12.19, 104VC5.19, 104VC7.19, 105KM2.17, 105RR10.19, 105RR11.19, , 105RR12.19, , 105RR5.19, 105RR6.19, 105RR7.19, 105RR8.19, 06DAS1.21, 06MXC1.21, 07BK3.19, 104VC10.19, , 105SR2.17, 64BA6.17, 06DCM1.21, 06DMK1.21, 06MEL1.21, 06MQZ1.21, 07GD9.17, 105KB11.17, 112CZ6.19, 112KT1.19, 112LL1.19, 19VA10.17, 66IO1.17, 66IO1.18, 132ZB2.19

Holmdel HS, NJ (96)

 96AM02.19, 96BZH2.18, 96DY01.19, 96DY02.19,  49PA9.17, 50EB4.18, 50ZK4.18, 96DW2.18

Jackson Liberty HS, NJ (136)

136MR1.19, 136MR2.19

Jackson Memorial, NJ (137)

 132AKa2.19, 132AS2.19, 132DC2.19, 132AK1.19, 132RS1.19, 132XF1.19

James Caldwell High School, NJ (07)

07AB02.18, 07AB02.19,  07BK11.19, 109JL2.18, 07MB01.21, 07MR01.21, 07PD01.21, 07SJ01.21, 07SP01.21, 07UA01.21, 07WR01.21, 07CC02.21, 07CP01.21, 07CP02.21, 07DM01.21, 07DR01.21, 07DR02.21, 07DW01.21, 07JDL01.21, 07KB01.21, 07AP02.21, 

Jefferson High School (120)


John P. Stevens High School, NJ (09)

109DV2.19, 109NC2.19, 20JM702.20, 09RS9.19, 09PXP1.21, 09PYP1.21, 09SNR1.21, 09SSS1.21, 112CZ9.19, 09ACD1.21, 09AMG1.21 , 09ASR1.21, 09FLC1.21, 09ISC1.21, 09KEG1.21, 09KNP1.21, 09MDS1.21, 09MNG1.21, 09NAE1.21, 09SKS1.21, 09SPS1.21, 09VPG1.21, 09ARM1.21, 09DKD1.21, 09KMR1.21, 09MAS1.21, 09MAV1.21, 09PGP1.21, 09REH1.21, 09SON1.21, 09TOM1.21, 09VVR1.21, 09YES1.21, 50LED1.17, 64sbs6.14, 66AL5.18, 66AT1.18, 118PP1.18, 132MP1.19, 132MP2.19

Jose Martin STEM, NJ (95)

109SG2.19, 95MZ7.19,  18AM6.19, 18AM7.19

Kinnelon High School NJ (112)

 112BD1.19, 112BD2.19, 

Lawrence Livermore Summer Institute (123)

 67VMN2.18, 109JO1.19, 109EW1.19, 109EW2.19, 123GC2.19, 123ML3.18, 123ML2.18, 123AV2.19, 123AV3.19, 123FTA5.19, 123MMD6.19, 123HJB5.19, 123HJB6.19, 123FTA2.19, 123AXV3.19, 123JTW2.19, 123JTW3.19, 04AM2.19, 123AXV2.19, 123AXV4.19, 123AXV5.19, 123AXZ2.19, 123DAZ6.18, 109DV1.19, 109EP2.19, 109JL1.18, 109KW2.19, 123GC5.19, 123HJB4.19, 123PCB3.18

Metuchen High School (130)


Middlesex County Academy of, NJ (94)


Modesto HS, CA (66)


Monroe Township HS, NJ (118)

 118AR1.19, 118MV1.19, 118AP1.21118AP2.21118DV2.21118RC2.21118RS1.21118SH1.21118SH2.21

Montville Township High School, NJ (11)

 11ASA2.19, 109EO1.19, 109EG2.19, 11OY5.18, 11EB2.21, 112MM2.19, 112SS1.19, 11AD1.21, 11AD2.21, 11AE1.21, 11AE2.21, 11AK2.21, 11AP2.21, 11IW2.21, 11JJ1.21, 11JJ2.21, 11JP1.21, 11JP2.21, 11JS2.21, 11KG1.21, 11LJ2.21, 11LP1.21, 11LP2.21, 11MM2.21, 11RK2.21, 11RP1.21, 11RP2.21, 11SC2.21, 11SE2.21, 11SF1.21, 11SF2.21, 

Morris County School of TEchnology (139)

 109AP2.18, 109AP1.18, 109AT10.19, 109AT11.19,  50EK4.18

Nazareth Area High School PA (138)

 138JAM2.21, 138KC1.21, 138KC2.21, 138KL1.21, 138KL2.21, 138NM1.21, 138NM2.21, 138SD1.21, 138YT2.21,

New Providence HS, NJ (109)


North Brunswick HS, NJ (105) 

 105KB5.17, 105KB6.17, 

Old Bridge High School, NJ (70)

 70AS1.21, 70DC1.21, 70DW1.21, 70FR11.18, 70FR4.18, 70MM1.21, 70QY1.21, 70YR1.19, 

Pascack Hills High School, NJ (13)


Pascack Valley Regional 
High School, NJ (14)

14AP2.21, 14AU1.2114AU2.2114CO1.2114SJ2.21

Phillipsburg High School (131)

 131SA2.19, 131SA3.19, 131EB1.18, 131KM2.18, 131ST2.21, 131MN1.21, 131AH1.21, 131AH2.21, 131CH2.21, 131EH1.21, 131GP1.21, 131GP2.21, 131HC1.21, 131HC2.21, 131JD2.21, 131JT1.21, 131JT2.21, 131KP1.21, 131KP2.21, 131KS1.21, 131KS2.21, 131LR1.21, 131ML1.21, 131ML2.21, 131MN2.21, 131NG2.21, 131RH1.21, 131RH2.21, 131SL1.21, 131SL2.21, 131KH1.21131KH2.21

Piscataway High School, NJ (49)

 49FF1.17, 49NK1.17, 49MB1.18, 49MB2.18, 49DB1.21, 49AM1.21, 49MP1.21, 49SP1.21, 49TD1.21, 49LT1.21, 49DP1.21, 49PA12.17, 49PA7.17, 49NL2.18, 49PA10.17, 49NB1.18, 49NB1.18, 49SN1.21, 

Princeton HS, NJ (110)

 109SM2.19, 110EK1.19, 110AK1.21,  110ELK1.21, 110AZ1.21, 110CG1.21, 110LMR1.21, 110SW1.21, 110TD1.21, 110SA1.21, 110AA1.21, 110AEG1.21, 110AS1.21, 110CEM1.21, 110CEW1.21, 110EU1.21, 110EW1.21, 110IH1.21, 110LDM1.21, 110MG1.21,110AMB1.21, 110EB1.21, 110MP1.21, 110MWB1.21, 110NA1.21, 110SC1.21, 110SQ1.21, 110WQH1.21, 110XT1.21,  118PP2.18, 112LL2.19,  110LRG1.21110RB1.21110RG1.21110SC1.21110TH1.21

Rutgers Preparatory, NJ (15)

 15DM11.19, 15AM8.18, 15AM5.18, 15BB3.17, 132AR12.19, 64AB5B.15, 64AZS1.15, 64JJ7.15, 132AR11.19, 15CK1.2115RL2.21

Science & Math. Acad. at Aberdeen (34)


South Plainfield HS NJ (119)

119ER1.18, 119CC2.21119CO2.21119DR2.21119GA2.21119GB2.21119KC2.21119KZ1.19119LH2.21119MM2.21119NP12.19119PP2.21

South River, MD (81)

 81CD2.21, 81DL2.18, 81ED2.21, 81EK1.19, 81JS1.21, 81JS2.21, 81KS2.21, 81MM1.21, 81NG1.21, 

The Frisch School, NJ (50)

  50AF1.21, 50AH1.21, 50AS1.21, 50ASM1.21, 50EK1.21, 50ER1.21, 50MR1.21, 50MSR1.21, 50PS1.21, 50SP1.21, 50AF3.21, 50AM1.21, 50AM2.21, 50AM3.21, 50AO1.21, 50AO2.21, 50AS2.21, 50ASM2.21, 50ASM3.21, 50AW1.21, 50AW2.21, 50AZ1.21, 50AZ2.21, 50AZ3.21, 50EK2.21, 50ER2.21, 50GR1.21, 50GR2.21, 50JK2.21, 50MB2.21, 50MB3.21, 50MK2.21, 50MK3.21, 50MR2.21, 50MSR2.21, 50MSR3.21, 50OG1.21, 50OG2.21, 50OG3.21, 50PS2.21, 50RK2.21, 50RK3.21, 50RS1.21, 50RS2.21, 50SIS1.21, 50SP2.21, 50SP3.21, 50SS1.21, 50AH3.21 , 50SIS2.21, 50SS3.21, 50TG2.21, 50AH4.21, 50AM4.21, 50AO4.21, 50ER3.21, 50ER4.21, 50JK4.21, 50MB4.21, 50MSR4.21, 50OG4.21, 50SIS4.21, 

The Wardlaw-Hartridge School (132)


Toms River HS East, NJ (XX)

 04AQG1.18, 109SM1.19, 111CB8.15, 111JN11.15, 

Toms River HS North, NJ (121)

 109EP1.19, 121UA7.19, 109JO2.19, 121UA11.19, 

Toms River HS South (115)

 1109DV2.18, 115BV8.19, 115BV7.19, 115BV5.19, 
Tracy High School, CA (67)

  67HAO2.18, 109AT6.19, 109AT8.19, 67NK1.17, 67PA1.18, 109AT12.19, 123FTA3.19,  67SBS4.18, 109CT1.19, 123FTA4.19, 66FD2.14, 67AHR1.21, 67AHR2.21, 67CAB1.21, 67EJE1.21, 67ICB1.21, 67ICB2.21, 67KCB1.21, 67RY1.21, 

Union City HS (98)  98CG7.15, 98GG1.18, 98AA1.18, 98CG6.15, 
Union Co Vocational Tech. (133)  109NC2.18, 109NC1.19, 133AC4.18, 133CH1.19, 
Waipahu High School, HI (68) 132RS2.19, 132TR1.19, 68AB1.2168AJ1.2168AS1.2168AS2.2168CT1.2168DG1.2168DI2.2168GC1.2168GC2.2168JC1.2168JC2.2168JH1.2168JH2.2168JNC2.21  68KC1.2168KC2.2168KD2.2168KG1.2168KG2.2168KP2.2168NP1.2168NP2.2168RAG2.2168RB2.2168SF1.21, 68TP1.21, 68TP2.21, 68AJ2.21, 20JM158.20, 68RAG1.21, 
Walter Johnson, MD (35)

35AR3.18, 112EW2.19, 110YDL1.21

Watchung Hills Regional 
High School, NJ (18)

 18SRI1.18, 18AM10.19, 18RB8.17, 18RB7.17,  18AM5.1918TH1.18

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, NJ (122)  122AJ9.17, 122SB10.19, 122SB11.19, 122SB6.19, 122SX1.19, 19VA7.17, 122SB3.19, 122SB8.19122SB9.19122SG1.19122SB2.19
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South, NJ (19)

19LZ1.18, 19MV1.18, 19BZ1.18, 19LS1.18, 19NR1.19, 19JT2.21, 19JW1.21, 19JZ2.21, 19KW1.21, 19KW2.21, 19LL1.21, 19LL2.21, 19MB2.21, 19PB1.21, 19PR1.21, 19PR2.21, 19RA1.21, 19RA2.21, 19RAY1.21, 19RR1.21, 19RR2.21, 19SAG1.21, 19SAG2.21, 19SC1.21, 19SC2.21, 19SG1.21, 19SG2.21, 19SM1.21, 19SM2.21, 19SP1.21, 19ST1.21, 19ST2.21, 19TK1.21, 19TK2.21, 19ZC2.21, 19AA2.2119AR2.2119ARA1.2119ARA2.2119AS1.2119AS2.2119AVV1.2119AVV2.2119AX1.2119AX2.2119BL2.2119ES1.2119ES2.2119EW1.2119EW2.2119HW2.2119JT1.21