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This page contains links to student and teacher materials for the Waksman Student Scholars Program (WSSP). This information is intended only for the faculty and students participating in the WSSP during the summer Institutes and throughout the academic year. This material is not intended for general public use and access to many of the links is password protected. The material on these pages is provided for educational purposes only. Unauthorized use of this material is prohibited. If you wish to download the files or have comments or questions about the material please contact Sue Coletta, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University.

Student Links - Lecture notes, laboratory protocols, powerpoint files (without clicker questions), equipment and supply lists, MSDS sheets

Teacher Links - Powerpoint files with clicker questions, Problem Sets, Answer keys

Videos - WSSP laboratory videos, YouTube and CSHL videos for project background

Toolbox - A program to translate a DNA sequence into protein sequences in one of three reading frames

Download 4Peaks - A link to download a free DNA sequence waveform reader for Macs

Download FinchTV - A link to download a free DNA sequence waveform reader for Macs

DNAApp - A link to download a free DNA sequence waveform reader for iPhones and iPads

Equipment - Equipment needed to conduct the WSSP research project with suggested models and vendors

Supplies - Supplies needed to conduct the WSSP research project with suggested order numbers and vendors

Publications - Publications Associated with the WSSP

Media Links - Recent stories and videos about the WSSP and its students and teachers

Amino Acid Game - An online game to learn the structure and difference in the amino acids

Dot Plotter - An online program to compare two sequences

My Name is Charles Darwin - A game to write names or text in a DNA sequence using the amino acid code