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2021-2022 WSSP Teacher Links

This web page provides links to materials for the Waksman Student Scholars Program for 2021-2022 This information is intended for the faculty participating in the program during the 2021 summer institute and through the 2021-2022 academic year. It is not intended for general public use and access is password protected. The material on these pages is provided for educational purposes only. Unauthorized use of this material is prohibited. If you are not a member of the WSSP and wish to download the files or have comments or questions about the material please contact Sue Coletta, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University.

For Powerpoint files without clicker questions, please see the Lecture and Lab links for Students 

Please use your 2021 DSAP TEACHER Username and Password to download all WSSP lecture, lab notes, and video files posted on this site!!!   

Problem Sets. The problem sets for the lectures, labs, and videos were developed by WSSP teachers and staff as part of previous WSSP Summer Institutes. There are separate answer keys (PS#A).  Problem Sets 2 and 3 for each topic require a higher level understanding of the material.

Ch.  2021-2022 Lecture Topics Figures with Clicker Questions  Problem
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
  Introduction and overview of project Intro.ppt      
0 The Basics of Molecular Biology Ch0Q.ppt Video Worksheet    
1 Vectors: Plasmids, Libraries, and Plasmid DNA preps Ch1Q.ppt Ch1-PS1
2 PCR, Mapping the size of an insert Ch2Q.ppt Ch2-PS1
3 Restriction enzyme, Mapping the size of an insert Ch3Q.ppt      
4 DNA Sequencing, Logging onto DSAP Ch4Q.ppt Ch4-PS1
5 Sequence quality, cropping the ends Ch5Q.ppt      
6 Editing the waveform Ch6Q.ppt      
7 BLASTN (DNA vs DNA search) Ch7Q.ppt      
8 BLASTX (Translated DNA vs Protein search) Ch8Q.ppt      
9 Determining ORFs, BLASTP (Protein vs Protein search) Ch9Q.ppt      
10 Literature Search & Human Homolog Search (no clicker questions) Ch10Q.ppt      
11 Comparing the Predicted Size of the Inserts  Ch11Q.ppt      
12 Search of the PDB and Structure Analysis  (no clicker questions) Ch12.ppt      
13 Next Generation Sequencing and searching the TSA  (no clicker questions) Ch.13.ppt      
14 Searching for Protein Interactions  (no clicker questions) Ch14.ppt      
15 Expression and Localization Analysis  (no clicker questions) Ch15Q.ppt      
16 Molecular Biology Experiments:  What to do next Ch16Q.ppt      
17 Multiple Sequence alignment and structure analysis (no clicker questions) Ch17.ppt      
18 Analysis of REV sequences: determine overlap, contigs Ch18Q.ppt      
19 Spanning the gap between FOR and REV sequences Ch19Q.ppt      
20 Protein modeling and Jmol  (no clicker questions) Ch20.ppt      
21 Preparing a poster (no clicker questions) Ch21.ppt      
  Teacher Review of DSAP DSAP-Review      

Teachers: Please sign the Clone Box Verification Form  so that the clones in the box are in the proper location when you send in your box of clones to be sequenced. ​

Lab Activity
Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Lab 0 WSSP Project and Lab Set Up  LabSetUp.ppt  
Lab 1 Pipeting, Metric System (video)
Lab 2 Sterile Technique, Setting up ON L2-PS2L2-PS2A
    Setting up an ON video VWS2.1; VWS2.1A  
    Google Docs video VWS2.2, VWS2.2A  
Lab 3-Bead
Lab 3A-Mix
Setting up PCR,  L3-PS1; L3-PS1A  

Lab 3B-GE 
Lab 3B-Qiagen

Step 1 of MP    
Lab 4 PCR Gel Analysis L4-PS1; L4-PS1A L4-PS2L4-PS2A
    Pouring a gel video VWS4.1VWS4.1A  
    Loading a gel video VWS4.2VWS4.2A  
    Mocking up a gel video VWS4.3VWS4.3A  
Lab 5 (GE)
Lab 5 (Qiagen)
Plasmid DNA Minpreps (video) L5-PS1; L5-PS1A VWS5; VWS5A
Lab 6 Setting up Digests L6-PS1; L6-PS1A  
Lab 7 RD Gel Analysis (video) L7-PS1; L7-PS1A  

DSAP Teacher Review Video
This video describes the resources and steps teachers can use to monitor their students' activity on DSAP or review their students' clones.

DSAP Analysis Page Questions

Landoltia Example & Practice Clones

For EX3.ab1

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