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Equipment List for the WSSP Research Project

This web page provides a list of equipment that has been purchased with funds from the Toshiba Foundation of America, the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, and the Merck Foundation to create the Biological Equipment Lending Library (BELL). The BELL equipment is used by high school teachers and students in the summer Institutes and academic year program to conduct a molecular biology research project that is part of the Waksman Student Scholars Program.

Most of the equipment acquired by the WSSP has been purchased through VWR because the company provides a discount to Rutgers University. Other vendors may have similar equipment at discounted prices. If you have comments or questions about the material please contact Sue Coletta, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University. Equipment with (BELL) indicates that was purchased as part of the WSSP Biology Equipment Lending Library and has been used extensively in the schools.  

Pipettor Standard starter kit:  Need a 2-20 uL, 20-200 uL, and 100-1000 uL.  A 0.5-10ul can be used but requires different tips     
  VWR Signature Kit P20, P200, P1000 (BELL) VWR  89080-000
  GeneMate Pipettor Starter Pack: P10, P20, P200, P1000 BioExpress P-3960-4P
  Micropipet Starter Set: P10, P20, P200, P1000 BioRad 166-0486
  Rainin Pipettes P20, P200, and P1000 starter kit (BELL) Ranin PR-START
Camera, Hood & Transluminator. Note: A UV transilluminator with a cardboard box and iPhones and other smart phones does a very good job at taking pictures.    
  VWR Camera & Transluminator PHOTODOC-IT VWR 95026-906
  UVP UV Transilluminators 302 nm 15X15 cm (BELL) VWR 95042-356
  Spectronics 312 nm UV, 11X14 cm BioExpress U-2259-2
  UViewTM Mini Transilluminator BioRad 166-0531EDU
  Gel DocTM EZ System BioRad 170-8270
Microcentrifuge- Must spin >12,000 , 8-24 places    
  Eppendorf* MiniSpin* Plus 14000 RPM, 16 tubes (BELL) VWR 47727-636
  Separation Technology Micro 12 14,000 RPM (Used in RU teaching labs) VWR 89184-114
  SpinMate24 13,300 RPM  24 Tubes BioExpress C-0265
  Eppendorf MiniSpin Plus 12,110 RPM, 16 tubes BioExpress C-2200-2
  Model 16K Microcentrifuge, 18 tubes BioRad 166-0602EDU
Thermal cycler: must fit 0.2 ml tubes,      
  Eppendorf* Mastercycler*  92 x 0.2mL tubes, 71 x 0.5mL tubes (BELL) VWR 71003-564
  Techne TC-3000 Series  25 X 0.2 ml tubes. Schools with large classes should consider the FTC3X/02 which holds 48 X 0.2 ml (BELL) VWR 89042-146
  Techne 3Prime Personal 24 0.2 ml tubes VWR 89235-790
  T100 Thermal Cycler 96X 0.2ml tubes BioRad 186-1096
  GeneMate GCL-48 48X 0.3 ml tubes BioExpress P-6050-48
  Eppendorf* Mastercycler*  96 x 0.2mL tubes, 71 x 0.5mL tubes BioExpress D-5000-3
  MultiGeneTM OptiMax 96 x 0.2mL tubes BioExpress P-6000-96
  Techne 3Prime Personal 24 0.2 ml tubes BioExpress P-6400-24
Owl Series EasyCast* Horizontal Mini-Gel Systems, Thermo Scientific (Electrophoresis Chamber) EasyCast* Horizontal Minigel System. Acrylic. Gel size: 11L x 9W cm. Buffer capacity: 600mL. Combs: 10-, 14-well, 1.5mm thick. Cast and run gels in the same chamber. Tape-free casting. UVT tray. Platinum electrodes.    
  Owl Series EasyCast* 11X9 cm (BELL) VWR 27372-200
  Labnet Enduro Horizontal Gel Box BioExpress E-1007-10
  Mini-Plus Horizontal System (9X11 cm) BioExpress E-4109-1
  Mini-Sub Cell GT Systems BioRad 166-4270EDU
INCU-SHAKER(tm) Mini Shaking Incubator with Spring Rack Platform (H-1000-P-SP)    
  VWR Incubating Mini Shaker VWR 12620-942
  VWR Incubating Mini Shaker VWR 12620-946
  Benchmark INCU-SHAKER Mini (BELL) BioExpress H-1000-M
  Benchmark INCU-SHAKER Mini (BELL) LABRepCo H1000-M
  Benchmark INCU-SHAKER Mini (BELL) Southwest Scie SH1000

Pipetor Calibration:  If you need your pipetors calibrated or repaired we suggest that you use Pipette Calibration & Repair Inc. They are on 87 Oak St, Bridgewater NJ (866-450-3990).   They often do pick up and drop off if they are in the area or can do the service at your school.