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WSSP Research Project Videos

This web page provides a list of videos that may be useful for by high school teachers and students in the summer Institutes and academic year program to obtain the background to conduct a molecular biology research project that is part of the Waksman Student Scholars Program.

NOTE:  All WSSP Lab Videos are now also posted on the on the Student Resources  or in "Other Resources" Help Page in DSAP!

WSSP Lab Videos (These videos are password protected)
  Introduction and overview of the project
  Pipeting basics
  Setting up bacterial cultures (Overnight)
  Pouring an agarose gel
  Loading an agarose gel
  Mocking up a gel image in Powerpoint
  Uploading and linking a gel image to the Google Docs Clone Report Sheet
  Plasmid DNA Minipreps
  Determining if there is enough DNA in the miniprep to sequence

Videos from Other Sources

Biological Processes
  The Secret of Life (Excellent PBS video on transcription and translation) (YouTube)
  DNA Structure (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center)
  Virtual Cell Animation Collection: Transcription 
  Virtual Cell Animation Collection: Translation
  Virtual Cell Animation Collection: mRNA Processing
  Virtual Cell Animation Collection: Splicing
  Transcription Flash Animation
  Translation Flash Animation
  PCR Overview- Really nice explanation of the long strands in the early stages (YouTube)
  PCR Overview Overview - Cold Spring Harbor Animation Library, nice Flash of steps with an amplification graph
  PCR Overview - (YouTube)
  PCR Song - BioRad We are the World Parody (YouTube)
  PCR Song II - BioRad YMCA Parody (YouTube)
  PCR on CSI- Miami TV - How many errors can you spot? (YouTube)
  PCR Rap Song (YouTube)
  CSHL Transformation I (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center)
  CSHL Transformation II (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center)
Setting up and loading gels
  Setting up a gel electrophoresis - detailed (YouTube)
  Animation of gel electrophoresis - (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center)
  Loading a gel - Very good video on gel loading problems (YouTube)
  Sanger Sequencing - (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center)
  Cycle Sequencing - (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center)
  Next Gen Sequencing (YouTube: Illumina advanced)
  Next Gen Sequencing (YouTube: Applied Biological Material)
  NCBI Description of Results Page (YouTube)
  NCBI Description of E-values, part 1 (YouTube)
  NCBI Description of E-values, part 2 (YouTube) Answers to common questions