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<p>Congratulations to the 66 students&nbsp;who particiapted in the June 2020 vWISE Program. &nbsp;44 students have already completed all of their PCs and 29 sequences are ready to be submitted to NCBI! &nbsp;Remeber to keep working on your clones to get them finshed.</p>

400 Sequences from the 19-20 Academic Year have been published on NCBI  Go to the Pulbished Sequences page for 2019 and go the the listing for your school to see if yours is there.   Congratulations!

WSSP Students and Teachers,

If you find that your waveforms are getting too small to read in 4Peaks, please use either FinchTV or SnapGene.  Both of these programs allow you to adjust the height of the waveforms near the end of the sequence.  Links for both of these programs can be found in the Resources menu on the Lab Notes Page   

Congratultions to the 21 students and 4 teachers from Campbell, Alea, Kapolei and Waipahu High Schools who finished the two-week Biotechnology Science Scholars Program at Waipahu High Schooll in Hawaii!   41 unique clones were sequenced and are being analyzed for possible publication on the NCBI DNA sequence databases.  The Waksman Student Scholars Program (WSSP)  thanks Michael Sana and the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation for supporting this program.  A video about the BSSP in Hawaii can be found here.  

WSSP Students and Teachers,

A series of new videos have been posted on Lecture Notes page that cover the background and analysis for PCR, Digests, DNA sequencing, and Expression Analysis.  These should be helpful in reviewing the steps you will perform in the WSSP research project.  

9/5/18 - New lecture notes have been posted on the Current Project Resources Page.  Please use these instead of the old notes.  The Powerpoint files that match  these lecture notes will be posted within the next week.

Congratulations to all of the students in the June 2018 WISE program! You were all very successful in your project and we hope that you learned a lot and had fun.  Please remember to finish the bioninformatic analysis of your unknown unknown clones so that we can post them on the NCBI databsae.     

200 more sequences from the 2017-2018 WSSP have been posted on NCBI.  That brings to almost 1000 sequenes posted on NCBI in the last year!  Great work students.  We are still reviewing clones from the 2017-2018 DSAP.  If you have not finished yours please do so now so that they are posted in time for the start of the fall semester and your college applications.