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Congratulations to the 25 students and 3 teachers who completed the 2023 WSSP Summer Institute from 7/5/23 to 7/14/23.  Students and teachers prepped more than 330 clones from the Landoltia punctata cDNA library and these have been sent for sequencing.  Each student is currently performing the bioinformatic analysis on 4 for these clones.  Connect here to learn more about the Summer Institute and pictures of the students at work.  

Congratulations to the 50 students who participated in the June 2023 WISE program at the Waksman Institute from 6/20/23 to 6/30/23!  The analysis of their sequences is complete and will soon be submitted to NCBI.  Click here to see a list of the participants and their clones that will be published on the NCBI est database.  NOTE:  We are no longer reviewing these sequences on DSAP.

The DSAP used by students for the 2021-2022 academic year will be shut down on 7/8/2022. After that point clones will no longer be reviewed for submission to NCBI. All unfinished clones will be used for analysis by students participating in the program in future years.