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Resources for vWISE-20 Students

vWISE 2021 Lecture Notes, Presentations and Videos

This web page provides links to materials for the vWISE Summer Institute for 2021. This information is intended for the students participating in the 2021 vWISE Summer Institutes. It is not intended for general public use and access is password protected. Access to these material is with the username/password students used to register on DSAP-vWISE  The material on these pages is provided for educational purposes only. Unauthorized use of this material is prohibited. If you have comments or questions about the material please contact Sue Coletta, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University.

Ch. 2021 Lecture Topics Student Links
0 Introduction and overview of project (video)   Ch0.pdf  
0 Polymers and DNA Structure   Ch0.pdf  
1 Vectors: Plasmids, Libraries, (Plasmid DNA preps will not be covered in vWISE) Ch. 1 Ch1.pdf  
2 PCR, Mapping the size of an insert (Not covered in vWISE) Ch. 2 Ch2.pdf  
3 Restriction enzymes,Mapping the size of an insert (Not covered in vWISE) Ch. 3 Ch3.pdf  
4 DNA Sequencing,  Ch. 4 Ch4.pdf  
5 Logging onto DSAP, Sequence quality, cropping the ends Ch. 5 Ch5.pdf  
6 Editing the waveform Ch. 6 Ch6.pdf  
7 BLASTN (DNA vs DNA search) Ch. 7 Ch7.pdf  
8 BLASTX (Translated DNA vs Protein search) Ch. 8 Ch8.pdf  
9 Determining ORFs, BLASTP (Protein vs Protein search) Ch. 9 Ch9.pdf  
10 Literature Search Ch. 10 Ch10.pdf  
11 Compare Sizes of cDNA Insert (Not covered in vWISE) Ch. 11 Ch11.pdf  
12 Structural analysis on the Protein Data Bank (PDB) Ch. 12 Ch12.pdf  
13 Next Gen Sequencing and Searching the TSA Database Ch. 13 Ch13.pdf  
14 Investigating Protein Interactions Ch. 14 Ch14.pdf  
15 Investigating Protein Expression Ch. 15 Ch15.pdf  
16 Molecular Biology Experiments:  What to do next Ch. 16 Ch16.pdf  
17 Preparing a Poster  (Not covered in vWISE)   Ch17.pdf  

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